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Organic Agriculture

Organic certification is NOT synonymous with organic agriculture or sustainable agriculture. But it is a specific set of organic standards enforced by the US Dept of Agriculture.

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Consumers Are Reconnecting with Food Sources
Consumers are reconnecting with local and regional food sources and reconnecting with the natural systems the produce our food security and food supply
Earthbound Farm Organic Farm Stand and Salads, Fruits and Vegetables
Earthbound Farm Farm Stand in Carmel Valley, CA offers organic produce and flowers, as well as food from a certified Organic Kitchen, gourmet groceries, and family events.
Carbon Sequestration
Carbon sequestration is a key metric for climate change and research is probing organic agriculture as a solution.
Food Safety Procedures by Natural Selection Foods
Natural Selection Foods was formed by the founders of popular organic produce brand Earthbound Farm and Mission Ranches.
Organic Cooperatives
Organic cooperatives provide cooperative marketing and organic methods exchange to improve farm success rates.
Organic Food Delivery Services
Organic food delivery services are a great marketing method in dense communities. They offer convenience, specialized skills in selecting quality and diverse selection, and make it a habit to buy organic!
Helping Consumers Minimize Pesticide Exposures in DOMESTIC Foods
The Organic Center presents lists of fruits and vegetables that score the highest using the DRI.
American Farmland Trust Promotes Local Food Sourcing
American Farmland Trust Promotes Local Food Sourcing
Agricultural Tourism
Agricultural tourism connects urban consumers with organic farm methods and provides a direct marketing opportunity for organic foods.
Farmstands for Organic Products
Farmstands for Organic Products brings consumers directly to the farm for fresh food selection, additional revenue opportunities, as well as outreach and education.
Building better soils is one of the most important benefits of organic farming systems.
The Organic Center has researched a new method to quickly and cost-effectively track changes in soil quality
Domestic Animals & Organics
Domestic animals & organics go together... well, like ham and eggs! Animals eat vegetation and produce milk, eggs, and fertilizer, and when what they eat is organic, their output is free of chemicals such as pesticides. That's the organic supply chain!
Sustainable & Organic Farming
Sustainable agriculture includes organic methods, and includes social issues such as sustainable communities, clean air, water conservation and broader sustainability issues.
IPM Integrated Pest Management
IPM, or Integrated Pest Management is an organic method that uses beneficial insects and microbes to control pests instead of using chemical-based pesticides. IPM is especially important around children, such as in schools, and suburban neighborhoods near agricultural lands.
Catch Mealybugs with Pheremone Lure
Mealybugs are cryptic pests that conceal themselves in cracks and crevices of plant material.
Gardening in Window Farms for Apartments and Offices
Urban food production is a necessary part of food security, and gives great natural pleasure to the urban gardener.
Organic Land and Soil
Organic soil is a living habitat for earthworms, grubs, microbes and underground animals -- and it gives to and takes nutrition from all the plants that live in this diverse mix of minerals and living creatures.
Pollination by insects, birds and other animals, as well as wind and water is essential to food production on flowering plants.
Urban Agriculture
Urban agriculture and local organic food production improves food security and local economic stability, as well as biodiversity, freshness and consumer awareness of food and natural systems.
Stewardship Food Directory for Minnesota
Stewardship Food Directory for Minnesota
Spices are Becoming Organic Pesticides
Killer spices provide eco-friendly pesticides for organic fruits and veggies
Technology for Organic and Sustainable Productivit
Technology for organic and sustainable productivity includes land management methods that remove toxic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, and nurtures the soil and water resources in sustainable ways.
Smartphone app delivers soil data to growers in the field
A smartphone application that performs location-based queries from GPS–enabled cell phones.
Cleaner Cotton Reduces Pesticides and Supports Sustainable Community
Sustainable Cotton Project growers reduced the use of the most toxic pesticides on their cotton. Moreover, they slashed overall pesticide use by up to 70%
Low Cost Deer Repellants for Christmas Tree Farms
Deer repellants from byproducts cost 85 to 90% less than commercial counterparts, and are found to be just as effective.

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Low Cost Deer Repellants for Christmas Tree Farms

Communicating with Farmers about Integrated Weed Management

African Women Organically Grow a New Life with Gardening in the US


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