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Organic food production and organic products can provide health benefits, taste improvement, local economy strength, as well as more sustainable soil, water and air quality.

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Organic Production of Eco Friendly Products

Organic production of certified organic products involves the entire supply chain of goods and services involved in producing a product. We help you identify green, sustainable and high performance solutions to enhance organic production.

Carbon Sequestration

Carbon sequestration is a key metric for climate change and research is probing organic agriculture as a solution.

Organic Research

Organic research includes scientific evaluation and exploration of the organic supply chain, organic ingredients and processes, as well as methods to package, store and handle organic products to maintain their organic "chain of custody".

Grocery Stores

Mainstream grocery stores are increasingly carrying organic foods, especially foods that can be imported or bought from local distribution sources specializing in local foods.

Organic Brands

Organic certification involves strict organic methods and supply chain ingredients in an organic product - whether it is food, body lotion, cotton or pet bedding. Organic brands protect their reputation along the supply chain and marketing channels.

Sustainability in Organics

Sustainability with organic land management is both urban and rural with organic landscaping, organic gardening and organic agriculture at the head of the organic product supply chain.

Food Production with Organics

Organic food production starts with healthy soil, clean water supplies, heritage seeds, nontoxic crop methods and nontoxic processing methods.

Chemical Research in Food Production

All food involves chemicals - the challenge is researching which ones are toxic to life and the natural systems that support food production for all the species in our communities.

Health & Organics

Organics affects not only food, but skin lotions, water purity, and the resilience of land and water resources to cope with weather and climate changes. We bring you resources for organic solutions in business and community.

Organic Cooperatives

Organic cooperatives provide cooperative marketing and organic methods exchange to improve farm success rates.

Agricultural Tourism

Agricultural tourism connects urban consumers with organic farm methods and provides a direct marketing opportunity for organic foods.

Farmstands for Organic Products

Farmstands for Organic Products brings consumers directly to the farm for fresh food selection, additional revenue opportunities, as well as outreach and education.

Domestic Animals & Organics

Domestic animals & organics go together... well, like ham and eggs! Animals eat vegetation and produce milk, eggs, and fertilizer, and when what they eat is organic, their output is free of chemicals such as pesticides. That's the organic supply chain!

Technology for Organic and Sustainable Productivit

Technology for organic and sustainable productivity includes land management methods that remove toxic pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, and nurtures the soil and water resources in sustainable ways.


Organic is a set of best practices to protect natural systems of soil, water, vegetation, biodiversity and even air quality by reducing polluting elements such as pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and toxic waste from the community's green infrastructure.

Sustainable & Organic Farming

Sustainable agriculture includes organic methods, and includes social issues such as sustainable communities, clean air, water conservation and broader sustainability issues.

Organic Agriculture

Organic certification is NOT synonymous with organic agriculture or sustainable agriculture. But it is a specific set of organic standards enforced by the US Dept of Agriculture.

Organic Seeds

Organic isn't just about food quality, it is also about land management practices and organic methods include organic seed selection.

Organic Beverages

Organic beverages cover a wide variety of sources and flavors: tea, juice, coffee and milk, as well as unique local concoctions!

Organic Foods

Certified organic foods must meet strict regulations by the USDA such as organic supply chains from seed to distribution packaging.

Organic Clothing - Textiles

Organic clothing and textiles reduce the pounds of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and insecticides that are used on fiber crops such as cotton, hemp and bamboo. Organic methods improve environmental health and the health of farm workers.

Organic Gardens

Organic gardens aren't new - they are a throwback to simple, common sense gardening that returns organic materials to the soil and keeps foreign substances out of the garden. Organic gardening is a version of natural systems habitat and land management.

Organic Homes

Organic homes can include organic food, safe food storage and preparation, organic lotions and cleansers, organic bed linen, organic clothing...and organic landscaping. And more!

Organic Marketing

Sustainable community includes organic and green marketing that establish high performance standards for both final product quality and sustainable supply chains.

Nutrition of Organics

Nutrition is a health basic and organics provide nutritional value without some of the chemical contaminants that accompany conventionally grown and processed foods.


Nutrition from food and drink is essential to good health. The goal of organic methods is to provide nutrition for both personal health and environmental health so that not only is the food nutritious, but air and water are clean and healthful.

Food Production Research

Food production research is essential to keep pace with changing conditions such as food security standards, climate change, health and wellness and disease prevention.

Food Safety

Food safety stretches from sustainable agriculture through food harvesting, food production and food processing and food distribution. And then in the home, food handling and storage are also important to food safety.

IPM Integrated Pest Management

IPM, or Integrated Pest Management is an organic method that uses beneficial insects and microbes to control pests instead of using chemical-based pesticides. IPM is especially important around children, such as in schools, and suburban neighborhoods near agricultural lands.

Pesticide Contamination Solutions

Pesticide Contamination Solutions include food production and processing as well as packaging and food handling at retailers and in the home.

Organic Land and Soil

Organic soil is a living habitat for earthworms, grubs, microbes and underground animals -- and it gives to and takes nutrition from all the plants that live in this diverse mix of minerals and living creatures.


Pollination by insects, birds and other animals, as well as wind and water is essential to food production on flowering plants.

Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture and local organic food production improves food security and local economic stability, as well as biodiversity, freshness and consumer awareness of food and natural systems.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, Managing Editor of Solutions For Green

Publication Date: 1/1/2010

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

Fruits and Vegetables with Highest Pesticide Dietary Risk Index Scores: Imported

Reduce Pesticide Dietary Risks by 97%


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